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All cancelations must be done up to 7 days before the check in date. Otherwise, you will be charged (no está aclarado cuánto es - si querés mandame y te escribe la frase). You will not get a refund if you leave before your check out date. If you don’t show up on your check in date, for reasons beyond the hotel’s control, you will not get a refund, no matter if it is personal problems, flight/bus/train cancelations, climactic conditions, blocks/sieges, union strikes, national strikes, or any other reason that prevent you from arriving at the hotel on the check in date.

All refunds for security deposits or reservation payments will include the bank fees (according to the debits per account and the administrative charges (15% of the refund).

When confirming a reservation, you are accepting the Cancelation Policies stated above.

*Any special request must be specified when making the reservation, letting the hotel know, so we can accept or refuse such request.

*The hotel can change you to a different room before or during your stay if necessary.